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    Creativity: Thinking Outside the Box

    Creativity allows individuals to view every aspect on earth, explore
    new paths, as well as find new discoveries that help to advance our
    consistently thriving world of business. Without creativity, we would
    only see what is visible to the eye. To evolve as a business, it is critical
    to look beyond what is visible and consider new ideas. When creativity
    is incorporated into daily workplace practices there is a strong
    increase in the opportunities for growth, engagement, and
    productivity. Creativity and innovation will turn ideas and dreams into
    Our Creativity: Thinking Outside the Box, course will provide you with
    informative tools and practical strategies that will help shape a creative
    workplace. Creativity plays a big role in building a positive work
    environment, one in which employees will feel confident in expressing
    their ideas. Be mindful that there is creativity in all of us. When this
    creativity emerges, powerful opportunities and advancements will
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